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Sundry further monumental inscriptions at St Cyprian's

The High Altar

 Made of sandstone, the high altar bears an inscription in memory of Geoffrey Selwyn Brown: it begins on the Gospel side of the altar (north): "A.M.D.C. In Loving Memory of"; and continues on the Epistle side: "Geoffrey Selwyn Brown + July 25 1919".  Geoffrey Selwyn Brown died as a young man, from scarlet fever, soon after returning from the First World War. His parents (Mr & Mrs Selwyn Scott Brown) were associated with the firm Hill and Paddon, lived at Kumo House in Carrington Road, and were “keenly involved in the founding of the Cathedral”.   The beautifully carved free-standing wooden altar that now stands in the Sanctuary, with an accompanying credence table, came from the Church of St Edward the Confessor in Kenilworth, when it closed in the 1980s. The brass candlesticks and cross [latter now on credence table] on the altar were used for the lying in state of Rhodes’ body on its journey in 1902 from the Cape to the Matopos. On the Epistle side of the Kenilworth Altar is the following inscription in memory of Canon Valpy: “To the Glory of God and in Memory of Arthur Sutton Valpy, Canon of Winchester, England, who fell asleep 15 June 1909. While in charge of S. Cyprian’s Kimberley, he assisted S. Edward’s in every way. R.I.P.”   Ramp for frail and disabled: “To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Bertha Helen Gertrud Setzer, 31 Dec 1914 - 26 Oct 2003. ‘Rise to Life’ - John 5:29. This ramp was dedicated on the Feast of Christ the King 21-XI-2004”. Raynham Plaque in the baptistery, dedicated on Mothering Sunday 6 March 2005:  “In memory of Eustace Frederick Raynham D.S.O., Born 28th February 1865, Hessett, Suffolk, England, Resident in Kimberley 1896-1939, Lieutenant, Kimberley Town Guard, Siege of Kimberley 1899-1900, De Beers Consolidated Mines Secretarial Department,1896-1929, Secretary 1917-29, Died 28th March 1939 Hermanus, Cape Province. Laid to rest in Kimberley.”   Liturgy book stand for the Lady Chapel.  “In loving memory of Reverend Canon George Nevil Pressly. Born Stuttaheim 2-9-1925 Died Kimberley 10-2-2003.”   [sic]  Blessed on the Feast of Christ the King, 21 Nov 2004.  

Two views of the cathedral by Ruth Laurenson

 Two oil paintings showing the cathedral in daylight and at night, as viewed from the north, prior to the building of the chancel and sanctuary (i.e. pre-1926), were given in 2004, and installed in the Chapel of the Deposition, with the following dedication: “Donated in memory of Ruth Laurenson (nee Heighway), 1904-1999.” The paintings were blessed on the Feast of Christ the King, 21 Nov 2004.   Stations of the Cross In the 1990s Dean Justus Marcus invited the artist Bill Davis, then living near Worcester in the Cape, to carve the eight Gospel Stations, which would be mounted on the walls between the Gospel Windows in the nave. Davis was a friend of the Sub-Dean, Fr Owen Franklin, while also having a personal connection with the cathedral, where he had been a worshipper when at school in Kimberley many years previously.  (In 1957 a design of his was used for the Diocesan Christmas card).     

Altar rail

“To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Leonard George Sherriff, April 1st 1925.”  Leonard Sherriff was a son of Mr and Mrs John James Sherriff of Kimberley. At Christian Brothers’ College in his youth, he completed his schooling in England and won a prestigious scholarship to train as an engineer in the Royal Navy. He served in the First World War, and was involved in pioneering submarine experiments. He caught a chill in Gibraltar in 1924, from which he never recovered. He died, aged 26, at his parents’ residence on the premises of the Masonic Temple in Kimberley. 

[This silver plaque is so highly polished that the wording on it is now nearly illegible]

In the Sacristy

 “To the Glory of God and in Memory of Alice Maud Pearce, Sacristan at St Cyprian’s Cathedral for 55 years, 29-11-1966. RIP”  “To the Glory of God and in Memory of Leslie Stonier, Sub-Deacon and Church Warden of St Cyprian’s Cathedral Kimberley. Given by his wife and family, RIP 1970.”  Above the Sacristy door: “In memory of Spiro N. Zouves. Born 31st May 1954. Died 4th March 1968. Loved. Still Loves. Not Dead. Just Gone Before.”  

Choir and Canon stalls

 The Stall of St Cyprian (the Dean): “The Dean’s Stall and Bench presented by Ladies’ Church Working Association, December 5 1926.” The Precentor's Stall: St Cecilia "In thanksgiving: Bunny and Betty Ashley-Botha." (Bunny Ashley-Botha was afterwards Director of the Drakensberg Boys' Choir). “The choir bookrests were given by Mr and Mrs T.A. Brook, In Thanksgiving, February 1963.” Additional Canon Stalls were added in the 1980s*. South Side St Andrew*: Cathedral Staff. “In memory of Joseph and Jessie Mogg.”St Alban: The Archdeacon of Kimberley.  (J.A. King  Hon Canon in 1977)St John: The Archdeacon of Kuruman.  (A.J. Kriel in 1977)St Barnabas: The Archdeacon of Griqualand West.  (G.A. Pullen, Hon Canon in 1977)St George: Canon. (D.G. Smith in 1977)St Clement: Canon.  (W.J. Peters, elected Canon in 1977)St Hilda: Hon Canon. “To honour John Alexander King, Priest, 12.3.1915 - 5.1.1986.”  (A.K.J. Letebele, elected Canon in 1977)St Michael*: Hon Canon. “In memory of Maureen Knox.” North Side Blessed Virgin Mary*: Distinguished Guest. “In memory of Florence Gouws”.St Stephen*: Cathedral Staff. “In memory of Alexander Shepperson.”St Matthew: Archdeacon of Mafikeng. (J.P. Thekiso in 1977)St Augustine: Archdeacon of De Aar.  (A.G. Shepperson in 1977)St Luke: Archdeacon of Gordonia. (J. Talent in 1977)All Saints: Archdeacon of Taung.  (L.J. Kraai  Hon Canon in 1977)St James: Canon.  (J.W.M. Swartz  Hon Canon 1977)

St David*: Canon. “In memory of John Swartz.”


Pews - 1950


Brass plaques on the pews: “These two front pews have been installed by St Cyprian’s Women’s Association”. “In memory of Oswald Dyson, Canon of the Cathedral, from his many friends.” (7th from front) “AMDG In loving memory of Mary E. Baker, Given by Eddy and George, July 1961.” “In loving memory of Allan MacDonald Donaldson from his wife.” Certain pews are reserved for: Churchwardens, Dean, The Lord Bishop. In 1976 the centre aisle was widened: “it has been obvious for a long time that the centre aisle of the cathedral was far too narrow.” Pews were moved and twelve were shortened and thus the aisle was widened by 20 inches. Carpenters were Andrew Lewis, Percy Simons, James Gordon (Dean’s Chauffer), and George Louw. 

Prayer Desks

 The Prayer Desks used during the liturgy of the word (at Mass) from the 1980s have the following dedications: “The prayer desks presented in thanksgiving for blessings received. OGVMcI” [Olive Grant Vigne McIntyre]  “The heraldic badges IMO Lilian Mogg, 1986”.  

Candle stands in Sanctuary

 I.  A.M.D.G. These candle sticks were given by St Cyprian’s Womens Association 

II. In loving memory of their President and Friend, Mary Smith, d St Matthew’s Day 1949 RIP.

 Sister Henrietta statue and graves of nuns and Archdeacon Lawson Claimed to be the only portrait statue of a nun in the world.The statue was sculptured by Dr Jack Penn. The inscription reads:  “Sister Henrietta Stockdale 1847-1911 of the Community of St Michael and All Angels. Erected by the South African Nursing Association as a tribute to Sister Henrietta Stockdale, the founder of professional nursing in Southern Africa, through whose efforts South Africa became the first country in the world to secure state registration of nurses in 1891.” [This wording occurs in Afrikaans as well] Sister Henrietta’s grave and those of Mother Emma and Mary Hirst Watkins were re-interred here on 25 May 1984, having been transferred from their neglected site at Dutoitspan Cemetery.  “Sister Henrietta, CSN & AA, 6-10-1911.”“Mother Emma, CSM & AA, 30-5-1887.”“Mary Hirst Watkins, 18-8-1905.” Nearby lie the re-interred remains of Archdeacon Lawson. The inscription reads: “George Mervyn Lawson, 1865-1945, Director of Missions, Griqualand West, from 1903, Archdeacon of Kuruman, 1913-1941.” 

Bechuanaland Campaign

"To the glory of God and in memory of the undermentioned officers, non-commissioned officers and men who lost their lives during the Bechuanaland Campaign, 1897. CM Riflemen:Lt G. HopkinsPtes W.K. BaylyA.G. MilneE.L. PriceJ.F.H. Venn Cape Police:Pte F.L. BarfieldG. BeckerR.B. HullyM. Whelan Native GqamanaNative BreakfastNative Grout PAOC Artillery:Bombdr C.M. Moyle 1st City VolunteersPte C.E. Boughton DEOV Rifles:Lt M. HarrisCorp H.J.T. Long PAV Guard:Pte A. CastlemanJ.W. HearderH.C. KelseyG. MadgeJ. Searle Kaffr Rifles:Sergt G.A. HallPte W. Mercer B Coy Vol Medical Staff:Sergt Majr  W. Owen Mount Temple Volunteers:Corp G. Nesbitt Vryburch Burghers  [sic]:Trooper V.C. Fletcher 

This tablet is erected by their comrades in the Bechuanaland Field Force."

(In North Transept - and obviously transferred from the previous church building in Jones Street)


South African War Centenary

 "2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) dedicated this plaque to commemorate the memory of all members of the regiment who gave their lives 100 years ago during the South African War 1899-1902.

The Hon Bruce Scott MP: Minister for Veterans' Affairs: Kimberley, Dec 1999. Their Service - Our Heritage."

(In North Transept)


 The existing bell in our tower came from the Parish of St Peter, Sudbury, in Suffolk. At present it is not known when it came to Kimberley. It bears the following inscription: J. Warner & Sons London 1881To the glory of GodIn memory of Samuel and Sarah Brownof the Parish of St PeterSudbury, Suffolk

England AD 1881

 Diameter 485

Madonna and Child outside Lady Chapel


Presented by Nico and Andrea Bester in thanksgiving for the birth and baptism of their daughter Sarah-Anne. The sculpture comes from Oberammergau.

In the Chancel: 

Bishop Philip Wheeldon

 "Philip William Wheeldon, 1913-1992, V Bishop 1961-1965, VII Bishop, 1968-1976, Interred 30 Sep 2001. We thank God for his life." Stone tablet (and ashes) set into the floor of the Chancel, at the entrance to the Sanctuary.

Other Memorial plaques, inscriptions, books

 In September 1987 Bishop George Swartz gave notice that he would "not give permission for memorial tablets to be placed on church walls", inter alia because they made churches "look like cemeteries"; rather he advocated the giving of items of practical use such as a chalice, a pew, or a stained glass window - or a contribution to a fund.[1]

[1] Highway 47(8) Sep 1987




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